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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 44 (2002) 3


W.A. Nolen

Meer klachten, minder tuchtzaken, 147 - 149

New research

B. Lowyck, M. De Hert, E. Peeters, M. Wampers, P. Gilis, J. Peuskens

Burden on the family, 151 - 159

New research

H.N. Sno, H.F.A. Schalken, W. op den Velde, P.G.H. Aarts

Dissociative symptoms in psychiatric outpatients, 161 - 172

Review article

E.M. Bisseling, J.M. Havenaar, B. Heemskerk

Whither Quality?, 173 - 182


H.M. van Praag

Anxiety/aggression-driven depression, 183 - 192

Short report

R.J.A. ten Doesschate

Psychiatrist: a multi-facetted profession or an intermediary stop on the way to a subspecialization?, 193 - 198

Case report

Y. Meesters, C.J.M. van Velzen, E.H. Horwitz

A cognitive aspect related to the withdrawal of alprazolam, 199 - 203