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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 35 (1993) 8

New research

Positive Schizotypy; about the construct, the scales and its relationship to vulnerability indicators for schizophrenia

M.G. Vollema, G.J. Geurtsen

Schizotypy appears to be the predisposing personality organisation to schizophrenia, which seems to be comprised of three independent dimensions, which are Positive Schizotypy, Cognitive Desorganisation an Negative Schizotypy. This tripartioning has much in common with the tripartioning within the schizophrenic symptoms. In this study we examined the Positive Schizotypy dimension and its validity. Psychotic patients received three self-report scales measuring Positive Schizotypy and were examined on two vulnerability indicators (CPT and WCST). The scores were factor analysed and Positive Schizotypy emerged as a clear factor. Positive Schizotypy was unrelated to the vulnerability indicators, viz. measures for sustained attention and frontal lobe performance. This was in line with our expectations, because those measures seem to be associated with both other Schizotypy dimensions. These findings give support to the assumption that Positive Schizotypy is an independent dimension within the Schizotypy construct.