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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 35 (1993) 8

New research

B.P.R. Gersons, P.P.G. Hodiamont, M.C.H. Donker, C.A.Th. Rijnders, H.R. Hull, L. van den Bogerd

Acute psychiatry in the Regional Ambulatory Services for Mental Health in the Netherl

New research

J. Spijker

Pills and talking: on treatment where a psychotherapist and a psychiatrist are involved

New research

J. Vink, P. Rijnierse

From paranoia to delusion. Aspects of classification and etiology in a historical perspective

New research

M.G. Vollema, G.J. Geurtsen

Positive Schizotypy; about the construct, the scales and its relationship to vulnerability indicators for schizophrenia

New research

A. van Minnen, K.A.L. Hoogduin, L.A.G. Peeters, H.T.M. Smedts

An outreach treatment approach of mildly mentally retarded with behavioral disorders

New research

T. Kuipers

Territorial aspects of mania