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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 35 (1993) 2

New research

General Hospital Psychiatry: an argument for a further integration of Consultation-Liaison psychiatric services and general hospital psychiatric wards

F.J. Huyse, B. Verwey, W. op den Velde, R.C. van der Mast

Recently a government advising committee endowed general hospital psychiatry a specific function. In addition to the general psychiatric care provided, specific models for the assessment and treatment of patients with psychiatric and physical comorbidity should be developed. The authors stress the opportunities offered, and underscore the need to integrate the consultation services and make them an organic part of the whole general hospital psychiatric department. These departments should develop facilities for the treatment of patients with psysical symptoms (somatizers) or co-morbidity. This aspect should be integrated in the training of psychiatrists. The proposed development of general hospital psychiatry will facilitate the mutal adjustment of general and mental health care resulting in a more appropriate and efficient care for patients with combined physical and mental morbidity.