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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 35 (1993) 2

New research

Ph.D.A. Treffers, I.E. Lindhout, A.A. Tusenius

The association between problems of children and the relationship between their parents.

New research

J. Pols

Supervision during training in psychiatry

New research

W. van den Brink, J. Ormel

Depression in the practice of GP's; consequences for training, research and management

New research

J. Vereycken, D. Quina

Military recruits with adaptation problems

New research

F.J. Huyse, B. Verwey, W. op den Velde, R.C. van der Mast

General Hospital Psychiatry: an argument for a further integration of Consultation-Liaison psychiatric services and general hospital psychiatric wards

New research

J.A.A.M. van de Sande

Forever young?