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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 33 (1991) 2

New research

E. van Dongen

War and business: the use of metaphors in teamdiscussions in a psychiatric inst

New research

E. Noothoorn, M. Romme, H. Hamers, L. Vallenga

Social role development of ambulant chronic mentally ill, illustrated with a case-history

New research

D. Wiersma, F.G. Brook, R. Giel, H. Kluiter, F.J. Nienhuis, M. Rüphan, S. Sytema

Effects of substitution on the regional patterns of referral and admission in mental health care

New research

P.T. Folmer

Research into a relation between religion and psychiatric disorder

New research

J. Meillo, G. Nabarro

Sociodrama, methodology and psychiatric applications