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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 31 (1989) 1

New research

Involuntary admission in the city of The Hague.

M. Vegt, M. van der Velden

The writers of this paper have tried to verify if, for the period of 1982-1986 in the city of The Hague, changes in departmental markings concerning involuntary admissions of psychiatric patients, had any effect on the number of involuntary admissions with `Inbewaringstelling' (IBS) and/or 1Rechterlijke Machtiging' (RM). The n umber of, by the Court of Justice, refused applies for involuntary admission with RM has been verified.

Over the period 1982-1986 the number of involuntary admissions with `IBS' has inclined. Those with RM declined. The total number of applies for involuntary admissions with RM that were refused by the Court of Justice, was 57.

As yet, 16 (26.9%) of them were involuntary admitted to a psychiatric hospital within a period of one year. Before the year of 1980 the Court very seldom refused an apply for involuntary admission with RM. Consequently an effect is observable of the increased juridical exertion concerning the procedure of involuntary admissions. The emphasis is stongly put on the criteria of danger and not (anymore) on avoidance of harm. The patient must be dangerous either to himself or to his surroundings. The writers fear greatly if the psychiatric condition of a patient has to get worse before admission, then usually with IBS, can be realised.