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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 30 (1988) 6

New research

Lithium in combination with cyclic antidepressant drugs as treatment for therapy resistant geriatric depressions

J.K. de Hooge

Depressive disorders are the most common psychiatric ilnesses in the elderly. Recent studies show that the long-term course of depressive disorder is even worse than previously thought. Even with an adequate therapeutic trial not more than 80% of the patients with a major depressive disorder will respond to cyclic antidepressants. Patients with a psychotic depression are markedly more unresponsive. Addition of lithium to the cyclic antidepressant can produce a rapid and lasting remission in both cases. In this article four geriatric patients who recovered after lithium-addition are begin discussed. In the discussion we come with a proposal for a treatment protocol for geriatric depressed patients.