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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 30 (1988) 6

New research

A.A. Wenstedt, E.M. Wolken, C.P.F. van der Staak

Deliberate self-injury: cutting-down on tension

New research

J.K. de Hooge

Lithium in combination with cyclic antidepressant drugs as treatment for therapy resistant geriatric depressions

New research

J.M.H. van Eijk, J.R. Theunissen

Some arguments and considerations with respect to crisisintervention in a time and developmental perspective

New research

D. Wiersma, R. Giel, H.W. Hoek, A. de Jong, F. Nienhuis, M. Rüphan, A.J. Tholen

Chronic patients in mental health care: an epidemiological investigation of their needs for care