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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 30 (1988) 5

New research

J.H.M. de Groen, P.P.E. Bergs, V.C.P.J. van Ammers

Ambulatory sleep-wake polygraphy in a patient suffering from PTSD

New research

A. Tomasoa, T. Kuipers

Seclusion: therapeutic or not?

New research

W. op den Velde, J.E. Hovens, P. Meijer, P.R.J. Falger, J.H.M. de Groen, H. van Duin, M. Soons

War victims' complaints about psychic dysfunctioning: a feasibility study

New research

W. Matthys, W. Walterbos, H. van Engeland

Person perception of children with conduct disorders