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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 29 (1987) 6

New research

P.L. Oey, L.J.M. Brok

Peduncular hallucinosis

New research

E. Kog, H. Vertommen, W. Vandereycken

The Leuven Family Questionnaire: a useful instrument for family assessment

New research

D.T.D. de Ridder

Diagnosis as sentencing? The psychiatrist's task in Dutch penal law

New research

P. Betgem

The IPPO (Intramurale Psychiatrische Patiënten Observatie): a new rating scale for the evaluation on psychiatric inpatients

New research

B. Bermond, J. Schuerman, B. Nieuwenhuyse, L. Fasotti, J. Elshout

Spinal cord lesions: coping and mooodstates