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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 15 (1973) 1, 376 - 381

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E. Verbeek

Compulsion is the most important symptom not only of compulsion diseases but acts as a dynamic element in relatively exceptional form of hysteria, called in this article compulsionhysieria. Out of three patients observed by the author one is extensively described. The fundamental structure of these patients is not that of the compulsive personality or of any other form of personality put forward by Rumke in his masterly survey of compulsive syndrome, the classic study called 'Clinic and psychopathology of compulsion phenomenons' (1952). The basic personality disorder of compulsion hysteria is the hysterical personality. In the frame of this syndrome compulsion acts as an expedient to tyrannize other people in their surroundings. Analytically viewed the libidinal fixation seems to be rooted between the anal phase and the oedipal phase.