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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 16 (1974) 1, 584 - 591

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De situatie van de in een psychiatrisch ziekenhuis opgenomen gehuwde vrouw

A.J. Uyterlinde

In the treatment and rehabilitation of the housewife who has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital, certain specific problems can arise which stem from the Pact that her home situation to which she will return, usually remains unchanged. Under the influence of psychotherapy and through participation in various therapeutic activities during her admission, the housewife can undergo a development, gain impressions, experiences and training as a result of which changes in her traditional conception of her role as a housewife can take place. The husband should be prevented from reacting to these changes in an anxious, jealous, suspicious or aggressive way so as not to undo the treatment. It is therefore necessary to involve him continuously in the treatment of his wife, to keep him informed, and to help him to keep pace with these changes.