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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 21 (1979) 1, 253 - 262

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Kanttekeningen bij het rapport van de NZR-commissie 'Normering Paaz'

P.J.M. van Alphen, P.M.J. Engels, J.Th.M. Dewez

P. J. M. van Alphen, J. Th. M. Dewez and P. M. J. Engels: Marginal notes on a National Hospita! Council's committee report about standardization of General Hospital Psychiatric Departments (GHPD's).
The report describes character and function of a GHPD, and tries to formulate standards/criterialrules regarding the desirable extent, accommodational facilities, man-power and position of a GHPD. Studying the several opinions in the report the authors notice the important discrepancy in the described modern attitude to the psychiatric patient and the vision on the tasks of a GHPD on the one hand and the restricted practical elaboration on the other hand. Critical remarks are maded on the aselect admissionpolicy, the many functions and tasks of a GHPD, the suggested man-power and accommodation.