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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 27 (1985) 4, 253 - 271

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Niet-helpende en storende processen in experiëntiële psychotherapie

G. Lietaer , M. Neirinck

325 Sessions — stemming from 41 therapies and 25 therapists — were evaluated by both client and therapist, on the basis of an open question concerning negative processes. A content analysis of the data (91 client and 200 therapist answer segments) revealed the following processes: lack of empathy and acceptance; too much or too less directivity, confrontation or interpretation ; superficial or unproductive ways of self -exploration; negative session outcome. Therapists are highly intrapunitive in their evaluation ; they especially emphasize their lack of empathy and their dealing in an anti-therapeutic way with feelings in the here-and-now relationship. Clients on the other hand more frequently mention their own resistance and are much more concerned with the immediate session outcome. Implications of these findings for supervision are discussed.