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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 27 (1985) 4, 213 - 220

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Rechtspositie en tbr/behandeling: over macht en onmacht

J.H. Blankstein

The positive value for treatment of a legal status of the forensic psychiatric patient is described as well as complications are mentioned. An essential positive point is the definition of the patient as an equal human being, thereby strengthening his selfesteem and decreasing his feelings of impotence and being at the mercy of therapists and experts. It confirms the patient in his adult position. Side-effects are described. An independent authority, evaluating the treatment process and the contingent limitations in rights, can break through the vicious circle of power and impotence that can dominate the patienttherapist relationship in the forensic psychiatric field. Limitations in different aspects of the treatment situation are mentioned too, such as our relative capacity to diagnose correctly and to assess the risk of recidivism, to keep up a constructive therapeutic process and to engage the family into treatment.