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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 26 (1984) 2, 128 - 145

Korte bijdrage

Een huis in de stad

I. E. I. M. van Eynde

Since the sixties long-stay psychiatrie patients live in homes on the grounds of 'Wolfheze' Psychiatric Hospital. These patients live in small groups and are as much as possible self-supporting for their living: cooking on their own, shopping on their own, and so on. These patients do need the protection though of the clinic and the necessary therapeutic programs like labour therapy. These programs are directed at rehabilitation and resocialisation. Since 1981 seven houses in Arnhem were put into use for more independent long-stay patients. In Arnhem the living situation is completely integrated into society. Psychiatric nurses take care of the surveillance. After a period of two years we noticed an increase in well-being, social behaviour and activity. A lot of guidance is requested for these chronic patients in the fields of use of free time, self care, social behaviour, medicin use, and a regular day-rythm.