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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 26 (1984) 2, 105 - 116

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Runningtherapie bij patiënten met een stemmingsontregeling

R. Bosscher , T. Damen, J. Fahrenfort

Running therapy is conceived as effective treatment for depressive patients. Influence of running on self-concepts, emotions, state of consciousness and biochemical functioning are briefly discussed. Experiments on the effects of running up till now were encouraging but suffered from methodological flaws. In the present experiment 18 psychiatrie inpatients (age 18-52) with moderate to severe mood disturbances were randomly assigned to a running program or to a program of various physical activities. The hypothesis was confirmed that regular running =3 times a week for at least 8 or 10 weeks— significantly reduces the level of depression (Zung Depression Scale) while increasing the level of well-being (Hopkins Symptom Check List) and self-esteem (Rosenberg's Self- Esteem List) in mood disturbed patients. The running group showed no significant change in body cathexis (Body Cathexis Scale of Secord & Jourard).