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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 26 (1984) 1, 17 - 26

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De voortdurende belangstelling voor het Oedipuscomplex

F.H. Cornelisse

Quite frequently it is maintained that the Oedipus Complex' contemporary role is not important in psychoanalysis anymore. Going through the psychoanalytical literature, from Freud's writings up to recent contributions, one will find numerous proofs to the contrary. Freud himself presented — without explanatory statement — at least two dissimilar descriptions. Most commonly and very often indeed the simplest of these is referred to by psychoanalytical writers. Many different versions of the complex have been put forward ever since Freud, all being theoretical revisions, and none of these has been as influential as the original conception. Apparently  psychoanalysts take the observational basis for granted on which the Oedipus Complex is considered to rest. It is argued here that all theoretical discussions concerning this complex are premature. It still remains to be seen if there is any solid empirical foundation for theorizing.