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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 9 (1967) 1, 88 - 100

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Neuro-psychiatrische stoornissen bij een patiente met systemische Lupus Erythematodes

J.A.F.M. Luijten

Treatment of emotionally-disturbed adolescents is met with many problems, as well in individual as in group therapy. Therefore, Hirsch and others have searched for other therapeutic media and techniques, one of them being the activity discussion group in which, among other activities as playing draughts, chess, community games, music, pantomime. physical games, also filming is included. This approach seems promising for the following reasons:
1) Motivation for therapy and for changing attitudes in general being rather poor, activities are sought that are familiar, attractive and according to the interests of the adolescent age.
2) Alternatives for vertical relations (with the group therapists) are desirable, because this age wants loosening of contact with adults, especially where relations with parents or representatives of parents have been disappointing. The alternatives are horizontal relations (with other boys) and handling tools among which filming apparatus.
3) Because of poor introspection and verbalization, very concrete forms of communication are to be applied, in tangible activities related to the adolescent's actual situation.
4) These activities can legalize certain defense mechanisms and forms of actiegout that seem necessary for these boys' inner balante, and permit a constructive use of them. 
5) Filming offers special therapeutic perspectives: a) The great variety of filming activities implies ample opportunity for each individual's possibilities and for activity changement in cases of stress. b) A wide range of fantasy roles can be tried out. c) The players can look on their own performances as spectators. There is a confrontation with their own masks,their own wishes and fears, a confrontations between fantasy and reality. The presentation of the film is followed by comment from the side of the other members of the group, which means a shift from activities towards discussion. d) The difficulties to overcome, and the mutual dependency of the producers in producing the film tend to strengthen feelings of togetherness. The knowledge to have made something that is approved of by others often increases the producers' self-esteem.