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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 8 (1966) 1, 239 - 249

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Over maatschappelijk werk in het psychiatrisch ziekenhuis

F.H.L. Beyaert

In view of the events and conflicts concerning the role of the social worker in a psychiatrie hospital an attempt has been made to outline how the social worker's optima! functioning can be attained. 
It is of great importante to realise that the social worker is supposed to be a representative of society and that he has no therapeutic, in the sense of caring role with regard to the patient. T his, as distinct from the , role of the various therapists in a psychiatrie hospital and from the social psychiatrie services outside the hospital. These last mentioned services represent the psychiatrie hospita! to the outpatient and consequently offer prevention and after-care.
The exploration and possibly treatment of the social field is mentioned as a second important aspect of the social worker's activities.
From a practical and theoretical point of view this exploration should be directed by the common aims of the individual rehabilitation programs.