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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 8 (1966) 1, 32 - 48

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Van organiciteit tot intelligentieverval

E.W. Dijk

The term 'organicity', which is used frequently in clinical-psychological practice, needs a critical revision, because the definitions organic disturbance and dementia have divergent connotations.
Taking intelligence as a qualification of the human possibility to deal with and to solve his lifetask and problems in a more or less quick and effective manner, the author introduces the words 'intelligence decline'. With this he means a more than normal reduction of capacity and effect, as well as inefficiency of psychical functions, resulting in affection of the cognitive function and with that of the whole personality.
Examination of patients in a mental hospital led to the conclusion that for one medical criterion in clinical-psychological respect different pictures are perceptible. A plead is made for a multi dimensional approach, for example by involving the premorbid personality and life situation in the psychological investigation of intelligence decline.
Reconstruction and expansion of test methods used for this purpose is also advisable.