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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 22 (1980) 11, 696 - 709

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Sociowoningen: een verslag na twee jaar praktijkervaring

J.A.C. Delimon

After a two years' experience with group-homes, a half-way facility, we can state that this alternative way of living for so-called (chronic) psychiatric patients offers a good solution for the rehabilitation and resocialization of a special group of people who live in a psychiatric hospital. It concerns people who no longer depend on a clinical setting, but who need a protected way of living. The most striking experience is that some people, who have lived in a psychiatric hospital for twenty years, can rapidly integrate in the open society. We gather that this way of living, attuned to a life worthy of man, contributes to this proces of integration. We also believe that this way of living for a greater part gives the driving-power which is necessary for the processes in which people (again) learn to use a number of their capacities.