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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 22 (1980) 11, 657 - 670

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Stress en ziekte --- Kritische beschouwingen

R. Pierloot

'Stress' can hardly be considered as a circumscribed phenomenon. It should rather be conceived as a larger area of interactions, containing the exposure of the organism to overloading stimuli in the physico-chemical, psychological or sociological sphere, entailing certain physiological and/or psychological repercussions, the coping-processes and eventual psychological and/or somatic illness patterns, resulting from this exposure or/and coping-procedures. With regard to these processes, attention is called to a number of problems:

  • The share of individual dispositions and possibilities in the genesis of overloading.
  • How far can different forms of overloading be grouped in one category, called 'stress'?
  • The differentiation in physiological and psychological indicators of overloading.
  • Specific versus non specific repercussions of overloading.
  • Eventual noxious effects attributable to coping mechanisme.
  • Different ways of pathogenesis of illness patterns in stress.