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Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie 22 (1980) 10, 606 - 617

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Het onheil van artikel 248 bis

M. Zeegers, J. Krul-Steketee

In Dutch penal law a special section concerning homosexual contact with minors (up to 21) was introduced in 1911, and abolished in 1971. It was meant to protect minors from seduction. During these 60 years many people became labelled as offenders, more than 5000 were convicted and still more lived in constant danger. A big number of homosexual adolescents was involved in contacts that were considered a crime, and many of them lacked the possibilities of normal, free development of their relations. A description is given of 34 offenders covered under this section, who were examined by one of the authors. It appeared that in 33 of these cases the so-called victims were not unwilling. In 1969 a committee of experts reported to the government, and made clear that this penal sanction caused much harm and no good. This history is instructive for many analogous situations.