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Keywords register: suïcidaal gedrag

New research


L. Favril, F. Vander Laenen, K. Audenaert

Suicidal behaviour among prisoners: prevalence and association with psychological distress in Flemish prisons, 203 - 211

New research


R.F.P. de Winter, M.H. de Groot, M. van Dassen, M.L. Deen, D.P. de Beurs

Suicidal behaviour and attempted suicide occurring during assessment by the outreach psychiatric emergency service, 140 - 149

New research


M.H. de Groot, R.F.P. de Winter, W. van der Plas, A.J.F.M. Kerkhof

An evaluation of a new Dutch suicide prevention tool (KEHR); datadriven evaluation and learning, 351 - 360