Omslag 2020 10 kijk verder

Keywords register: shared decision-making

Review article


M. Smeerdijk, PH.A.E.G. Delespaul, I.P.M. Keet, M.A. Nugter

Using resource groups in assertive community treatment; literature review and recommendation, 466 - 473



G.M.A. Westermann, J.M.G. Maurer

Shared decision-making in mental health care: a role model from youth mental health care, 352 - 360

New research


C.M. van der Feltz-Cornelis, H. Andrea, E. Kessels, H.J. Duivenvoorden, H. Biemans, M. Metz

Does routine outcome monitoring have a promising future? An investigation into the use of shared decision-making combined with ROM for patients with a combination of physical and psychiatric symptoms, 375 - 384