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Klinische Praktijk


M. de Meulenaere, J. de Meulenaere

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Case report


M.G.M. De Sain-Van der Velden, J.J. Jans, M. Figee, M. Engelen, H.C.M.T. Prinsen, N.M. Verhoeven-Duif, A.B.P. van Kuilenburg, G. Visser, C.H. Vinkers

Metabolic diseases in psychiatry, 402 - 406



S. Kapitein, J. Wieland

The new draft law on care and coercion. Concerning the use and the reduction of antipsychotics without a valid indication in people with intellectual disabilities, 807 - 815

New research


L. van den Reijen, H. Nijman, B. Orobio de Castro, R. Schmitz

Which characteristics of adolescents with behavioural problems are associated with the completion of residential treatment, 395 - 404