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Keywords register: autism spectrum disorder



V.C. Snouckaert, A.A. Spek

The development of anorexia nervosa in people with an autism spectrum disorder; a qualitative, retrospective study, 760 - 767

Klinische Praktijk


N.G.A. Tak

Revision of autism spectrum disorder diagnosis in three women, 488 - 492

Review article


S.A. Bringmann, P.E. Maidman

Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder in women with suicidality and characteristics of borderline personality disorder, 121 - 125

New research


E. Heyde, M. Dhar, H. Hellemans, E. Schoentjes, D. Van West

Prevalence of the use of psychoactive medication to treat young persons with autism spectrum disorder in the province of Antwerp, Belgium, 446 - 454

Case report


I. Solignac

A girl with foetal valproate syndrome and autism spectrum disorder, 228 - 231

Case report


M. Malgaz, C.F.M.G. van Kesteren, I.E. Sommer

Auditory verbal hallucinations in an adult with autism spectrum disorder, 684 - 687

Case report


J. Devriese, M. Dhar, D. Walleghem, D. Van West

Hallucinations and obsessive behaviour in an infant with autism spectrum disorder: diagnostic problems, 608 - 612

Short report

2015/12 themanummer Kinder en Jeugdpsychiatrie

W. De La Marche, I. Noens, J. Steyaert

Dimensional measures in autism spectrum disorders: do we know what we measure?, 897 - 901

Case report


A. Simons, J. Steyaert

Paroxysmal events after anxiety treatment with fluoxetine in a child with autism spectrum disorder, 821 - 824

Case report


S.K.B. Singh, H. Hellemans, G. Dom

Autism spectrum disorder and substance use disorder: an unknown comorbidity?, 893 - 897