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Keywords register: physical activity

Review article

2020/11 Lifestyle

D. Vancampfort, T. Scheewe, T. van Damme, J. Deenik

The efficacy of physical activity on psychiatric symptoms and physical health in people with psychiatric disorders: a systematic review of recent meta-analyses, 936 - 945

Review article

2020/11 Lifestyle

J. Deenik, A. Looijmans, F.R. Kruisdijk, F. Jörg

The art of endurance: implementation of lifestyle interventions in mental healthcare, 981 - 989



J. Deenik, D.E. Tenback, E.C.P.M. Tak, I.J.M. Hendriksen, P.N. van Harten

Thinking inside the box: improving the lifestyle of inpatients with severe mental illness, 564 - 574

New research


N.A.M. Oude Oosterik, M.E.J. Bouwmans, I.W. de Groot, E.H. Bos, P. de Jonge

The bidirectional relationship between physical activity and sleep in depressed versus non-depressed individuals, 78 - 86

Short report


W.G. ter Meulen, L. de Haan

Exercise-promoting interventions for encouraging people with schizophrenia to take physical exercise , 741 - 746