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Keywords register: somatic disorder

New research


J.B. Muskens, K. Vermeulen, P.A.M. van Deurzen, E.M.A. Tomesen, R.J. van der Gaag, J.K. Buitelaar, W.G. Staal

Somatic screening in child and adolescent psychiatry: a descriptive pilot study, 710 - 718

New research


K.E.M. van de Berg, C.A.Th. Rijnders, A. van Dam, A.L.M. van de Ven, C.M. van der Feltz-Cornelis, S.J. Graafsma

Somatic disorders in outpatient psychiatry: the added value of a standard physical examination during the intake of outpatients, 299 - 306

New research


S.N. Swolfs, R.A. Boerkoel, C.A.Th. Rijnders

The added value of somatic screening for psychiatric outpatients, 201 - 210