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Keywords register: dependence

Klinische Praktijk


T. Santy, G. Heylens, K. Audenaert

GHB abuse in a pregnant patient in clinical practice, 896 - 900



C.L. Crunelle, W. van den Brink, A. Schellekens, G. van de Glind, Belgisch/Nederlands Icasa consortium, F. Matthys

International consensus for the screening, diagnosis and treatment of adult patients with substance use disorder and ADHD, 477 - 487

Short report

2017/10 themanummer Hersenstimulatie

S.C. Herremans, C. Baeken

Clinical effects of non-invasive neuromodulation techniques in substance use disorder: an overview, 643 - 649

Case report


S.R.T. Veerman, H.N. Dijkstra, I. Liefting-Kluft

Life threatening symptoms of withdrawal of gamma-hydroxybutyrate, 411 - 416

New research


C.C. Kan, F.C. Mickers, D. Barnhoorn

Short- and long-term results of a systematic benzodiazepine discontinuation programme for psychiatric patients , 683 - 693