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Keywords register: survey

Short report


M.C. van der Laan, T. Rietveld, S.B.B. de Boer

How do adolescent inpatients experience seclusion and other coercive measures?, 471 - 475

New research


G.E. van Son, R. Quek, A.J Fogteloo, E.F. van Furth

Criteria for admitting patients with anorexia nervosa as inpatients to a general hospital; survey among internists, 708 - 716

Short report


S.J. Timmer, G. Glas

Pills for the Psyche. Neuro-enhancement among psychiatrists, trainees and other doctors in the Netherlands – an explanatory study , 371 - 376

Short report


G.M.A. Westermann, F. Verheij

Counseling in the Dutch youth mental health care: a survey , 333 - 338