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Keywords register: older adults

New research


B. Hitzert, R. Schmidt, H.M. Geurts, S.P.J. van Alphen

Diagnostics and treatment of autism spectrum disorders in older adults: a study by experts, 854 - 862

New research


S.P.J. van Alphen, N. Bolwerk, A.C. Videler, J.H.A. Tummers, R.J.J. van Royen, H.P.J. Barendse, K.A.P. Penders, C. Scheepers, R. Verheul

Personality disorders in older adults: A Delphi-study conducted among Dutch and Belgian experts concerning specific diagnostic and therapeutic aspects , 375 - 386

Short report


S.M.J. Heijnen-Kohl, S.P.J. van Alphen

Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders in older adults , 339 - 343

Short report


S.P.J. van Alphen, A.C. Videler, R.J.J. van Royen, F.R.J. Verhey

Multidisciplinary guideline Personality disorders considered in more detail to older adults , 249 - 253