Omslag 2020 10 kijk verder

Keywords register: validation

New research


M. van de Vorst, D.J. Vinkers, G.E. Matroos, F. Heijtel, H.W. Hoek

Validation of tools for assessing the intelligence and the functional impairment of Papiamento speaking suspects, 785 - 793

Short report


D. Rhebergen, A. Rouwenhorst, H.C. Comijs, A. Dols, A.T.F. Beekman, C.B. Terwee, D. Arts, M.L. Stek

The inter-rater reliability of the Dutch version of the core. A validation study conducted among depressed elderly in-patients, 49 - 55

Review article


J. van Os, R. Kahn

Remission criteria in schizophrenia , 21 - 26