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Keywords register: symptomen

Short report

2015/12 themanummer Kinder en Jeugdpsychiatrie

J.A. Vorstman, E.J. Breetvelt, M.H. Hillegers, F.E. Scheepers

Psychosis: recognising the symptoms and disorders in children and adolescents, 928 - 932

New research


A.A. de Lely, W.W. van den Broek, P.G.H. Mulder, T.K. Birkenhäger

Symptoms of depression in strict Calvinist patients and in patients without religious affiliations: a comparison, 279 - 289

Review article


P.N. van Harten

Catatonia: a syndrome to be remembered , 371 - 382

New research


C. Matton, M. Wampers, M. De Hert, J. Peuskens

Insight of schizophrenic patients into their disorder , 589 - 599

Case report


A.C.M. Vergouwen, M.W.J. Koopmans, T. Kuipers

Diversity in symptomatology and course of the bipolar manic episode, 727 - 731