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Keywords register: tbs



E. Schuringa, M. Spreen, S. Bogaerts

Predicting short term intramural violence with the Instrument for Forensic Treatment Evaluation (IBFE), ROM-instrument in tbs for different target groups, 662 - 671

New research


H. Nijman, S. Lammers, M. Vrinten, E. Bulten

(Too) long in tbs? A study on patients receiving forensic psychiatric tbs-treatment for 15 years or longer, 9 - 19

New research


P. Ter Horst, A. Jessen, S. Bogaerts, M. Spreen

Clinical decision making with regard to the granting of escorted leave for forensic patients detained by court order in a Dutch psychiatric clinic. Role of gender, disorder and the type of offence in the procedure, 314 - 322

Review article


E.F.J.M. Brand, T.P.C. Lucker, A.A. van den Hurk

Addiction and recidivism in forensic psychiatry , 813 - 820

Short report


H. Nijman, C. de Kruyk, Ch. van Nieuwenhuizen

Behavioral changes during forensic psychiatric hospitalisation, 339 - 344