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Keywords register: waanstoornis

Review article


P.R.M. Tewarie, R. van der Zwaard

From querulous neurosis to querulous delusion: the psychopathological aspects of persistent dysfunctional complaining, 30 - 37

Case report


A.S. van Amerongen, E.E.J.H. Verheijden, N.M. van Gent, N. Moaddine, R.F.P. de Winter, J.D. Blom

Folie à famille: a Surinamese-Hindustani family with a shared paranoid delusion and severe undernourishment, 123 - 127

Case report


E. Vrieze, G. Pieters

De Clérambault syndrome. A case report and a review of the literature on the difference between primary and secondary erotomania , 845 - 849

Case report


E. Ceysens, G. Pieters

The efficacy of pimozide in delusional disorder of the paranoid type: A critical appraisal of the literature, 429 - 433