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Short report

2016/10 themanummer Maatschappelijk Rendement van de Psychiatrie

P. Speetjens, F. Thielen, M. ten Have, R. de Graaf, F. Smit

Child maltreatment: long-term economic consequences and implications, 706 - 711

New research


P. Mortier, K. Demyttenaere, M.K. Nock, J.G. Green, R.C. Kessler, R. Bruffaerts

The epidemiology of ADHD in first-year university students, 635 - 644

New research


J.R. Theunissen, P. Duurkoop, M. Kikkert, J. Peen, J. Dekker

The aftermath of the reduction in inpatient care and treatment II: cross-sectional study relating to the health, the need for care, the quality of life, social functioning and the integration in society of chronic mental patients in Amsterdam , 153 - 163

New research


A.I. Wierdsma, A.W.B. van Baars, C.L. Mulder

Psychiatric prehistory and health care after compulsory admission in Rotterdam , 81 - 93

Short report


A.I. Wierdsma, A. Reisel

Who is eligible for conditional compulsory admission? Characteristics of patients for whom a conditional order could have been requested , 105 - 109

New research

2002/6 Themanummer Psychiatrie en Gender

M. ten Have, C. Schoemaker, W.A.M. Vollebergh

Gender differences in mental disorders, consequences and service utilisation , 367 - 375