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Keywords register: spoedeisende psychiatrie

Short report

50th anniversary issue 2008, suppl.2

W.M van Ewijk, C.M.TH. Gijsbers van Wijk

Emergency psychiatry in Amsterdam: a historical case study , 41 - 46

New research


M.H. Hoek, A.W. Braam

Evaluation of referral and intervention patterns at the psychiatric emergency service, Utrecht 2009-2015, 396 - 405

New research


R.F.P. de Winter, M.H. de Groot, M. van Dassen, M.L. Deen, D.P. de Beurs

Suicidal behaviour and attempted suicide occurring during assessment by the outreach psychiatric emergency service, 140 - 149

Short report


J. Claeys, C. Bervoets, J. De Fruyt

Clotiapine in the treatment of acutely agitated patients: hardly any evidence, 175 - 180

New research


J. Stobbe, J.R.J. de Leeuw, C.L. Mulder

Working methods of ambulatory psychiatric emergency services in the Netherlands, 624 - 631

New research


S. Veeckman, I. Hubloue, D. Lauwaert, F. Matthys

Psychiatric applications at the emergency department of the Brussels University Hospital between 2003 and 2012, 323 - 331

Review article


L. Budiharto, J. De Fruyt

Droperidol for the treatment of acutely agitated patients: still an option , 183 - 192