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Keywords register: crisisdienst

Short report

50th anniversary issue 2008, suppl.2

W.M van Ewijk, C.M.TH. Gijsbers van Wijk

Emergency psychiatry in Amsterdam: a historical case study , 41 - 46

New research


M.H. Hoek, A.W. Braam

Evaluation of referral and intervention patterns at the psychiatric emergency service, Utrecht 2009-2015, 396 - 405

New research


J. Stobbe, J.R.J. de Leeuw, C.L. Mulder

Working methods of ambulatory psychiatric emergency services in the Netherlands, 624 - 631

New research


E.J.M. Penterman, F.G.L.M. Sabelis, S.P.A. Rasing, C.P.F. van der Staak, H.L.I. Nijman

The validity of acute assessments of psychiatric conditions made by psychiatric emergency staff, 777 - 784

New research


A.J.E. Visscher, G.B. van de Kraats, B. van der Goot, A.W. Braam

Bad or mad? Thinking in terms of ‘bad or mad’ and the (possible) prosecution of offenses committed by the mentally ill, 480 - 488

Short report


J.K.E. Veraart, D. Coric, M. van der Erf, A.W. Braam

The type of agent auto-intoxication and the degree of suicidal intent, 441 - 445

New research


E.J.M. Penterman, C.P.F. van der Staak, H.L.I. Nijman

Estimating and reporting aggression in relation to personal characteristics of emergency service workers, 448 - 454

New research


R. Hoff, A.W. Braam

Off-label prescriptions in acute psychiatry: a practice-based evaluation, 233 - 245

Case report


S. Dogan, E.J. Regeer, E.M.M. Mol, A.W. Braam

Compulsory admission after threatened infanticide and suicide by a patient with a feigned psychosis , 209 - 213

New research


J. Peen, J. Theunissen, P. Duurkoop, M. Kikkert, J. Dekker

The aftermath of the reduction in inpatient care and treatment; a retrospective study that considers the extent to which a group of chronic psychiatric patients made use of the Amsterdam mental health services , 509 - 517

Short report


E.M. Bisseling, A.W. Braam

Time-limits on collaboration between the emergency mental health services and the police: a practice-based evaluation in the City of Utrecht, the Netherlands , 687 - 692

New research


E.J.M. Penterman, H.L.I. Nijman

Assessing aggression in patients of the mental health crisis service , 355 - 364

Short report


E.J.M. Penterman

Aggressive incidents while on crisis duty , 477 - 480

Short report


W. Mulder, J. Dekker, C.M.T. Gijsbers van Wijk

The Temporary Emergency Unit (TOA) in Amsterdam: experience with admissions of acute cases in a big city , 383 - 389