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Keywords register: persoonlijkheidsstoornissen

Case report


A.C. Videler, E.C.J. Delescen, M.A. Ouwens

Autism or personality disorder in older adults? Guidelines for the differential diagnosis, 343 - 346

Klinische Praktijk


H.D. Philipszoon

The patient with a personality disorder and the mentalizing capacity of the psychiatrist, 717 - 721

Short report

2016/10 themanummer Maatschappelijk Rendement van de Psychiatrie

P. Wetzelaer, J. Lokkerbol, A. Arntz, A. van Asselt, S. Evers

Cost-effectiveness of psychotherapy for personality disorders. A systematic review on economic evaluation studies, 717 - 727

New research


S. Colijn, M.C. Cnossen, I. de Jong, R. Haringsma

The working alliance in inpatient treatment for personality disorders and its connection with patient characteristics: an exploratory study, 505 - 513

Review article


D.J. Feenstra, J. Hutsebaut

The prevalence, burden, structure and treatment of personality disorders in adolescents, 319 - 325

Short report


S.P.J. van Alphen, G. Rossi, E. Dierckx, R.C. Oude Voshaar

DSM-5 classification of personality disorders in older persons, 816 - 820

New research


M. Descheemaeker, B. Lowyck, Y. Verhaest, P. Luyten, R. Vermote

The relationship between DSM-IV axis II and the anaclitic and introjective personality dimensions , 9 - 19

New research


S.P.J. van Alphen, N. Bolwerk, A.C. Videler, J.H.A. Tummers, R.J.J. van Royen, H.P.J. Barendse, K.A.P. Penders, C. Scheepers, R. Verheul

Personality disorders in older adults: A Delphi-study conducted among Dutch and Belgian experts concerning specific diagnostic and therapeutic aspects , 375 - 386

Short report


S.P.J. van Alphen, A.C. Videler, R.J.J. van Royen, F.R.J. Verhey

Multidisciplinary guideline Personality disorders considered in more detail to older adults , 249 - 253

New research


M.M. Thunnissen, H.J. Duivenvoorden, J. van Busschbach, L. Hakkaart-Van Roijen, W. van Tilburg, R. Verheul, W. Trijsburg †

A randomised clinical trial on the effectiveness of a re-integration training after short-term inpatient psychotherapy, 75 - 86

New research


C.A. ten Kate, E.H.M. Eurelings-Bontekoe, N. Mulder, Ph. Spinhoven

Personality disorders in an institution for ambulatory mental health care. Prevalence, type and severity, treatment indication and drop out , 597 - 609

Short report


S.P.J. van Alphen, A.M. Rettig, G.J.J.A. van Engelen, Y. Kuin, J.J.L. Derksen

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Review article


A. Bartak, D.I. Soeteman, J. van Busschbach, R. Verheul

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Review article


S.P.J. van Alphen, G.J.J.A. van Engelen, Y. Kuin, J.J.L. Derksen

Personality disorders in the elderly, 145 - 156

New research

2002/6 Themanummer Psychiatrie en Gender

R. Verheul

Gender bias and personality disorders, 383 - 388

New research


J.A. Snijders, A.M. Huijsman, M.H. de Groot, J.J. Maas, A. de Greef

Personality disorders in psychotherapeutic day treatment: psychological test feedback, effect and client satisfaction, 71 - 81

Short report


M.A. Franchimont, G.W. Tremonti

Comparison of populations of residential-psychotherapy units

New research


J.L.H. van der Peet, W.A.M. Swinkels, I.J. Duijsens

Personality disorders in patients admitted to an epilepsy clinic, 683 - 691

Short report


R. Vermote

Psychoanalytical and psychiatric diagnostics for personality disorders, 667 - 674

Review article


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Review article


J.H. Kamphuis, P.M.G. Emmelkamp

'Stalking': A forensic psychiatric approach, 167 - 175

Short report


S.J.T. Jansen, I.J. Duijsens

Diagnosing personality disorders: A study of the agreement between questionnaires and the clinical Axis-II diagnosis, 373 - 378