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Keywords register: hyperprolactinemia

New research


A.J. Ouwehand, B.M. Mollema-schelwald, H. Knegtering

The relationship between antipsychotic-induced hyperprolactinemia and menstrual disorders in women with schizophrenia; a systematic review, 861 - 868

Case report


M.A.C. Nijpels, E. Harnisch, C.M.T. Gijsbers van Wijk

Breast cancer in the family; a possible contra-indication to the use of dopamine antagonists. A case study , 481 - 485

Case report


A.M. Wessels - van Middendorp, L. Timmerman

Galactorroe en het gebruik van selectieve serotonineheropnameremmers, 229 - 234