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Keywords register: addiction

Short report

50th anniversary issue 2008, suppl.2

W. van den Brink, G.M. Schippers

Addiction and care for addicts, 91 - 97

Review article

2020/8 Psychedelica

W. van den Brink, J.J. Breeksema, E. Vermetten, R.A. Schoevers

Psychedelics in the treatment of substance use disorders and psychosis, 650 - 658



A. Snoek

Addiction and self-control: A three-layered model to support recovery, 575 - 581

Klinische Praktijk


J. Evenepoel, K. Titeca

Phenibut: harmless dietary supplement or dangerous drug?, 157 - 160



R.J.T. Rutten, T.G. Broekman, G.M. Schippers

Prediction of care consumption in addiction care; better with MATE intake-instrument than with DSM scores, but insufficient to base funding on, 41 - 47

Short report

2018/3 themanummer Personalised Medicine

G. Dom, W. van den Brink, A. Schellekens

Personalised treatment of disorders in the use of alcohol and nicotine, 166 - 173



E. Blaauw, G. Anthonio, M. van der Meer-Jansma, A. van den Bos

Vision on man, vision on addiction: a multiple view of problems and recovery, 774 - 781

Short report


P. Hopman, M. Blankers, G. Dom, R. Keet

Smoking policy in mental health care, 111 - 115

Short report

2017/10 themanummer Hersenstimulatie

M. Figee, C. Bervoets, D. Denys

Deep brain stimulation in psychiatry, 638 - 642

New research


L.C. van Boekel, E.P.M. Brouwers, J. van Weeghel, H.F.L. Garretsen

Stigma among health professionals towards patients with substance use disorders and its consequences for healthcare delivery: systematic review, 489 - 497

Review article


F. De Groot, M. Morrens, G. Dom

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and addiction: a literature review, 577 - 585

Short report

2014/3 Themanummer DSM-5

W. van den Brink

Addictive behaviours from DSM-IV to DSM-5, 206 - 210

Review article


P.J. Carpentier

Addiction from a developmental perspective: the role of conduct disorder and ADHD in the development of problematic substance use disorders, 95 - 105



P.E. Höppener, J.A. Godschalx-Dekker, B.J.M. van de Wetering

Compulsory hospitalisation of patients suffering from severe drug or alcohol addiction, 269 - 277

Short report

2013/11 themanummer Verslaving

B.B. Sizoo, P.J.M. van Wijngaarden-Cremers, R.J. van der Gaag

Autism spectrum disorders and substance use disorders , 873 - 878

Review article

2013/11 themanummer Verslaving

J. Luigjes, R. Breteler, S. Vanneste, D. de Ridder

Neuromodulation as an intervention for addiction: overview and future prospects, 841 - 852

Review article

2013/11 themanummer Verslaving

L. Schmaal, N. Broos, L. Joos, T. Pattij, A.E. Goudriaan

Impulse control in addiction: a translational perspective, 823 - 831

Short report

2013/11 themanummer Verslaving

W.A.J.M. de Wildt, E. Vedel

Psychological treatment in substance use disorders: focus for the future, 907 - 913

Short report

2013/11 themanummer Verslaving

G. Dom, W. van den Brink

Developments in pharmacotherapy: personalised pharmacotherapy? , 899 - 906



R. Vandermeeren, M. Hebbrecht

The dual process model of addiction. Towards an integrated model?, 731 - 740



J. Boonekamp, R. Berghmans, W. Dondorp, G. de Wert

Care for addicted, pregnant women: justification for pressure and coercion , 257 - 266

Short report

2012/11 themanummer Klinische Stagering en Profilering

W. van den Brink, G.M. Schippers

Staging and profiling in addication, 941 - 948

Case report


W.M. Hol, R. van der Zwaard, A. Hovestadt, H.J.G.M. van Megen

Dopamine dysregulation syndrome in a patient with Parkinson's disease, 259 - 263

Review article


E.F.J.M. Brand, T.P.C. Lucker, A.A. van den Hurk

Addiction and recidivism in forensic psychiatry , 813 - 820

New research


B.R. Tjaden, M.M.J Koeter, W. van den Brink, H. Vertommen

The influence of treatment philosophy on drop-out: an investigation into treatment at three types of addiction institutions , 7 - 17