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Keywords register: rehabilitatie

Klinische Praktijk


K.M.L. Huijbregts, L.H. Grobbink, M. Jansen, E.J. Verhoeven, F.E. van Dijk

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New research


A. Muntingh, M. Laheij, H. Sinnema, M. Zoun, A. van Balkom, A. Schene, J. Spijker

Quality of life and symptoms in patients with chronic depression and anxiety after a self-management training: a randomised controlled trial, 504 - 512

New research


H. Michon, J. van Weeghel

Rehabilitation research in the Netherlands; research review and synthesis of recent findings, 683 - 694

New research


W.E. Swildens, A.J. van Keijzerswaard, T.F. van Wel, G.J.J. de Valk, M.W. Valenkamp

Individual psychiatric rehabilitation of chronic psychiatric patients: an open study , 15 - 26

New research


T.F. van Wel, A.J.A. Felling, J.M.G. Persoon

The influence of psychiatric rehabilitation on the activity and participation level of chronic psychiatric patients: an effect study, 589 - 597

Review article


J. Dröes

Effectiveness of psychosocial rehabilitation, 621 - 629

New research


P. Boersma, J.J.M. Dekker, M. van der Gaag, B.G.M. Puite, H. Blankman

Acquisition of skills for medication management, 375 - 384