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M. ten Have, R. de Graaf, S. van Dorsselaer, M. Tuithof, M. Kleinjan, B.W.J.H. Penninx

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New research


M. Hendriksen, J.J.M. Dekker, F.E.R.E.R. de Jonghe, C.M.T. Gijsbers van Wijk, J. Peen, H.L. Van

Defence style and therapeutic technique as predictors of the outcome of psychodynamic psychotherapy in depression, 247 - 257

Short report


N. Damhuis, H.J.G.M. van Megen, C.F.W. Peeters, M.G. Vollema

Is the MiniScan a useful psychiatric intervention? A pilot study of the incremental validity of a computerised classification system, 175 - 180

Short report

2004/10 Themanummer Meetinstrumenten

J.M. Havenaar, J. van Os, D. Wiersma

Instruments for general measuring in psychiatric practice , 647 - 651

New research


M. van der Gaag, J. van Os

The influence of cognitive deficits on the social outcome of schizophrenia, 773 - 782

Short report


L. de Haan, M.A. Bottelier

'Duration of Untreated Psychosis' and the course of schizophrenia, 239 - 243

Review article


J.F. von Gleich, H. Knegtering

Schizophrenia: a diminished risk of cancer? , 95 - 101