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Case report


E.C. Potters, J.T.H. van Asseldonk, J.J.D. Tilanus

The Othello syndrome in Parkinson’s disease: an example of a lesser-known delusion, 302 - 305

Review article


P.R.M. Tewarie, R. van der Zwaard

From querulous neurosis to querulous delusion: the psychopathological aspects of persistent dysfunctional complaining, 30 - 37

Review article


R. van der Zwaard, A.S. de Leeuw, F. van Dael, L.M.E. Knook

… with psychotic features? An investigation into the delusional nature of convictions in patients with non-psychotic disorders , 461 - 466

Review article


R. van der Zwaard

What is a delusion? , 453 - 459


2006/11 Themanummer Psychiatrie en Filosofie

L. de Vooght

The importance of Binswanger's phenomenology for the concept of delusion , 843 - 848