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Keywords register: psychotic disorders

Klinische Praktijk


A.W.J. Bierman, C.C.A. Jonkers-van der heijden, C.A.A.M. Arets, C.E. Boumans

E-health in long-stay psychiatric care: blended care psycho-education on psychosis, 644 - 648

Review article


S. de Jong, R.J.M. van Donkersgoed, J. Arends, P.H. Lysaker, L. Wunderink, M. van der Gaag, A. Aleman, G.H.M. Pijnenborg

Metacognition in psychotic disorders: from concepts to intervention, 455 - 462

Short report

2012/11 themanummer Klinische Stagering en Profilering

L. de Haan, R. Klaassen, N. van Beveren, L. Wunderink, B.P.F. Rutten, J. van Os

Psychotic disorders: the need for staging, 927 - 933

Review article


A. Verbrugghe, H. Nys, J. Vandenberghe

When is psychosis dangerous? Ethical, professional en juridical considerations concerning psychosis and coercion in Belgium , 149 - 158

New research


M. Drukker, M. Bak, G. Driessen, J. van Os, P.A.E.G. Delespaul

Can the “Camberwell Assessment of Need” predict changes in care consumption? , 305 - 314

Case report


S. Haverkort, M.J.H. Jellesma-Eggenkamp, R.M. Marijnissen

Psychiatric presentation of hypopituitarism in an elderly patient. A case study, 119 - 123

New research


M.J.M. Verhaegh, I.M.B. Bongers, H. Kroon, H.F.L. Garretsen

Assertive Community Treatment for patients with a first episode psychosis. Model fidelity and specific adaptations for particular target groups , 789 - 798

Case report


G. Degraeve

Khat-induced psychosis? , 763 - 767

Short report


A.J.M. Loonen, J.E. Hovens

Movement disorders in clinical research, 647 - 650

Review article


R. van der Zwaard

What is a delusion? , 453 - 459

Case report


W.M.A. Verhoeven, W.B. Gunning, J.H.A.M. Tuerlings, J.I.M. Egger, S. Tuinier †

Psychoses and Epilepsy. A case study , 809 - 814

Case report


P.J.L. Collin, H. Boer, A. Vogels, L.M.G. Curfs

Psychosis in children with the Prader-Willi syndrome. A case study , 325 - 328

Short report

2004/10 Themanummer Meetinstrumenten

H. Knegtering, R. Bruggeman

Instruments for measuring psychotic disorders , 675 - 679