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Keywords register: psychotische stoornis

Short report


S.A.M. Herpers, S.P.A. Rasing, D. Postulart, P. Rooijmans

Leisure-time activity for patients with a psychotic disorder: audiobooks as a useful alternative to reading, 476 - 480

Case report


E.M. Koopmans, M.H. Eendebak, H. Knegtering, S. Castelein

Trauma treatment in a patient with a psychotic disorder, 604 - 607

Case report


M. van den Berg, G.J. Hendriks, A. van Minnen

Imaginal exposure treatment for a post-traumatic stress disorder in a patient with a comorbid psychotic disorder, 191 - 195

New research


S. Rutten, J. Beuckens, N. Boonstra, J.A. Jenner

Positive and negative auditory vocal hallucinations , 803 - 812