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Keywords register: biopsychosocial model

Short report

50th anniversary issue 2008, suppl.2

B. van Houdenhove, P. Luyten

Fifty years of psychiatry at the interface between psyche and soma: a swot analysis , 99 - 103



C.H. Vinkers

The underestimated value of science in psychiatry, 291 - 297



E. Blaauw, G. Anthonio, M. van der Meer-Jansma, A. van den Bos

Vision on man, vision on addiction: a multiple view of problems and recovery, 774 - 781

Short report

2009/8 Themanummer Stress en Psychiatrie

P. Luyten, S. Kempke, B. van Houdenhove

Stress research in psychiatry: a complex story, 611 - 618

Short report

2000/4 Themanummer Psychiatrie en Opleiding

G.F. Koerselman

How to guard the interconnection of biological, psychological and social factors in psychiatry?, 251 - 256



E.H. Nieweg

From child analysis to y-chromosome: on one-sidedness in psychiatry, 887 - 894

Short report

2000/1 Millenniumnummer

J. Pols

Psychiatry and its alternatives, 5 - 9